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Exciting New Additions to Our Menu: Appetizers, Salads, and More!

Dear food enthusiasts,

We are thrilled to introduce our brand new menu, featuring a delectable array of appetizers, salads, entrees, and desserts that are sure to tantalize your taste buds. At La Veranda we believe in offering our customers a culinary journey filled with flavor, quality, and innovation, and this menu update is no exception. Let's dive right into the mouthwatering offerings in our Appetizers & Salads section.


  1. Fried Calamari - $14 Crispy, tender calamari served on a bed of fresh Romaine lettuce, accompanied by your choice of Cocktail or Marinara Sauce. Squeeze a fresh lemon wedge for an extra zing!

  2. Coconut Shrimp (6) - $14 Six succulent coconut shrimp served on a bed of crisp Romaine lettuce, paired with our Spicy Thai Sauce and a squeeze of fresh lemon for that perfect tropical touch.

  3. Buffalo Chicken Wings - $14 Get ready to indulge in the spicy goodness of our Buffalo Chicken Wings. Served with your choice of French Fries or Sweet Potato Fries, and accompanied by either Ranch or Blue Cheese Dressing.

  4. Caesar Salad - $8 A classic favorite! Our Caesar Salad features crisp Romaine lettuce, Parmesan cheese, and fresh croutons tossed in Caesar Dressing. Want to make it heartier? Add chicken for $5 or shrimp for $8.


  1. Grilled Hibachi Shrimp - $28 Enjoy 2 Shrimp Kabobs grilled to perfection, served with Grilled Pepper, a side of Fries, and your choice of Green Beans or Asparagus. Don't forget the fresh lemon to brighten up your dish!

  2. Grilled Hibachi Shrimp and Churrasco - $30 A surf-and-turf delight! This dish combines 1 Shrimp Kabob with an 8 oz Churrasco steak. Served with Grilled Pepper, Fries, your choice of Green Beans or Asparagus, Fresh Lemon, and a drizzle of Chimichurri Sauce.

  3. Grilled Churrasco - $27 For steak lovers, our Grilled Churrasco features succulent Churrasco steak, Grilled Peppers, a side of Fries, and your choice of Green Beans or Asparagus. Dive into the flavors of our savory Chimichurri Sauce.

  4. Grilled Salmon - $27 Savor a 6 oz Grilled Salmon fillet served with Fries, Grilled Pepper, Fresh Lemon, and your choice of Asparagus or Green Beans. A delightful seafood option that's both healthy and delicious!

  5. Adina Signature Burger - $10 Sink your teeth into the Adina Signature Burger, featuring Angus Beef, served with a side of French Fries, Pickles, Lettuce, Tomato, and your choice of American or Provolone Cheese. All nestled within a Brioche Roll, with a dash of Red Onion for that extra kick!

  6. Chicken Milanese with Rotini and Marinara Sauce - $16 Delight in our Chicken Milanese, served with Rotini pasta and smothered in rich Marinara Sauce. A taste of Italy right here at La Veranda!


  1. Chocolate Chip Brownie - $6 Satisfy your sweet tooth with our scrumptious Chocolate Chip Brownie.

  2. Fresh Fruit Bowl - Market Price Craving something lighter? Our Fresh Fruit Bowl is a refreshing way to end your meal, featuring a medley of seasonal fruits.

We can't wait to have you join us at La Veranda to savor these delectable dishes. Whether you're a seafood enthusiast, a steak connoisseur, or simply looking for some comfort food, our new menu has something for everyone. Come and experience the magic of flavors crafted just for you.

Book your table today and let your taste buds embark on a culinary adventure like no other!


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